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Linwood Mill Northbridge Massachusetts

| Linwood Mill

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Wrigley Building Chicago

| Wrigley Building

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Bringing strategy, equity and experience
to historic building development

For over two decades our professionals have been national leaders in historic tax credit consulting, helping real estate developers attain project equity through federal and state historic tax credit programs. With regional offices across the country, we provide experts consulting services to developers, lenders, and investors active in the rehabilitation of historic properties.

State and federal historic tax credits can provide as much as 40% in gross equity to a real estate project.

For many older buildings, this can be the difference between a profitable rehabilitation and continued years of unrealized potential. The challenge though can be identifying and securing all the tax credits available.       


Gov. Brown Leaves No Doubt About Future of State Historic Credits in California

I’m attending the ULI Fall Meeting in San Francisco, and it’s a fantastic conference with heavy emphasis on future tech and demographic trends; their likely impact on cities, development and...Read more »