Program Overview

A 25 percent tax credit on Qualified Rehabilitation Expenditures (QREs) is available in Maine for the rehabilitation of certified historic income-producing properties. The state of Maine breaks its historic tax credit into two different categories:

  • The Substantial Rehabilitation Credit directly follows the federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC) and does not require a separate application form.

  • The Small Project Credit is for projects with QREs between $50,000 and $250,000 that do not meet the requirements of a substantial rehabilitation as set forth in the federal HTC.

Project cap: $5 million tax credit cap per project for both programs

An additional five percent credit is available in both programs if the rehabilitation includes the creation of affordable housing.

All rehabilitation work must follow the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

Sunset date: December 31, 2023.

Who can use the credit?

The tax credit is fully refundable. 25 percent of the credit must be taken in the year the property is put into use, and 25 percent must be taken in the subsequent three years.

Featured projects

Eastland 02.JPG

Eastland Park Hotel

Portland, ME

Client: Rockbridge Capital
Built: 1927
Project Costs: $50.5 million
HTC equity: Over $7.3 million
Completion Date: 2013

Loring House 01.jpg

Loring House

Portland, ME

Client: Wishrock Group
Built: 1902-1928
Project Costs: $17.4 million
HTC equity: Over $3.3 million
Completion Date: 2016