Highly Anticipated Artist Lofts Wins Neighborhood Development Award in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

On Tuesday, May 3rd, Wisconsin Redevelopment, LLC was awarded the Progress Lakeshore Neighborhood Development Award for their $8.2 million rehabilitation of Mirro Aluminum Company Plant #3 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This award recognizes an innovative real estate development that creates jobs and increases the tax base. The project has created 360 construction jobs and more than doubled the property’s assessment for the apartment complex that will house two- and three-bedroom affordable units. The building will also provide community space and an art gallery.

Construction is still underway for the Artist Lofts, but parts of the building are expected to be ready for occupancy by the end of this month.

Congratulations to our client on a project that is integral in the economic development of Manitowoc. We are proud to be a part of the team.